Welcome to Violin Studio Rotterdam

My name is Victoria van Kan and I am a violin teacher. If you like to learn violin playing from scratch or continue your education, I can help you with it. Learning music instrument is never easy, but it is a lot of fun. It allows you to become familiar with the world of music not only from the distance, but from inside.

I give violin lessons to beginners and experienced players, children and adults. Lessons can be held in English, Dutch and Russian languages. The individual approach to each student allows me to adapt lessons to different goals and abilities. Whether you want to play a specific repertoire or prepare for audition, it is all possible.

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Importance of music in our lives

Did you always wonder why playing music instrument is good for you?

During recent years more and more research brings to light the benefits of music training. In fact, learning music is like learning another language. Moreover, combination of motoric and cognitive skills helps to develop neurological connections in the brain ("How does music benefit the brain?";"Playing a music instrument matters").

Violin is one of the few instruments that can closely imitate the human voice. Although studying violin can be challenging at the start due to an unusual coordination, it helps to develop hearing and musical phrasing since the very beginning.

For inspiration, watch the video below.