About me


Victoria van Kan is a violinist and a violin teacher. She represents both the Russian and European violin school. Since early childhood she performed in various concert halls in Moscow and later in the Netherlands, among which Rachmaninov Hall and Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Central house of composers (Moscow), Central house of Artists (Moscow), De Doelen Concert Hall (Rotterdam), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Grachtenfestival etc. both solo and in ensembles.

She graduated Moscow Academic college attached to Moscow Conservatory with honours and then went to study with Misha Furman in Rotterdam Conservatory (Bachelor and Master). She followed masterclasses with renowned musicians and teachers, such as Zvi Zeitlin (Eastman School of Music), Elena Natanson (Moscow Conservatory), Mikhail Kopelman (Eastman School of Music), Alla Vandysheva, Vladislav Igolinsky (Moscow Conservatory), Benzion Shamir (Rotterdam Conservatory).

Currently she is a member of Zeeuwse orkest and the founder and the teacher at Viool Studio Rotterdam.

My vision

My work is my pleasure. Playing violin allows me to express myself through sounds and emotions. Teaching violin allows me to help other people to find pleasure in playing music. 

Violin is one of the few instruments that resembles a lot with a human voice. It can be and melodic, and articulative, and rhythmical and singing. Learning violin engages and stimulates hearing, coordination, imagination. That’s why regular lessons include:

  • fine and large motorics
  • rhythm
  • posture
  • solfege
  • music theory
  • music history
  • improvisation


My aim is to help you to become a confident musician, who has all the tools to reach own goals and potential.